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Custom Formulated Coatings and Value Added Services
Vanguard OEM customers share a common need for custom formulated coatings, consistent quality and on-time delivery. Our value added services are designed to meet these needs. Our value added services include

  • custom formulations
  • agreed upon quality assurance standards
  • technical service after product delivery
  • small batch production
  • regulatory compliance
  • documentation

Vanguard products are used in a broad range of applications, and our coatings range from standard to custom formulated. We produce conventional lacquers, stains, varnishes, primers and enamels. Vanguard's specialty is custom formulated water reducible, and high solids coatings.

Vanguard products are applied to wood, metal, plastic, aluminum foil, and more.

Applications Methods
Vanguard coatings are designed to be applied with various systems, including conventional, airless, air assisted airless and HVLP spray systems, electrostatic (turbo-bells and high speed discs), dip tanks, curtain coaters, and flow coaters.

End Use
You'll find Vanguard products on a wide variety of industrial and consumer items such as hardwood handles, structural steel, truck wheel hubs, display shelving, electrical components, light fixtures, fine furniture, file cabinets, fork lifts, lawn and garden tools, steel drums, custom doors and molding, and more.

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